Many years of training experience for E&P professionals have resulted in a very compact and efficient approach to training.

Standard is training in geo-mechanics at all required levels. More specific training demands can also be met. The client defines one or more problems and each course is tailor-made around this problem. No time is lost, the focus is there where it needs to be. A clear lecture series in the morning, is followed by working on your problem with your own data in the afternoon. At the end of a workshop the trainees have not only acquired new up to date skills, they have in the process worked on their own specific case. No more waiting till a case arises where you may be able to apply your training, it is training on the job, on your most pressing problem.

New comprehensive courses on fractured reservoirs and fault sealing are now available. The fractured reservoirs course includes the mechanics of natural fracturing, methods of fracture detection and fractured reservoir management. The fault sealing course includes all known processes on fault sealing supplemented with the latest methods and techniques as developed by NewTec. Up to date theoretical material is illustrated with proven successful case histories.


Recent NewTec Training clients include
  • Shell rock-mechanics research group;
  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC);
  • Canadian Society of Exploration Geologists (CSEG);
  • SonaHess Algeria;
  • Sonatrach Algeria;
  • LukOil Russia;
  • Sonangol Angola;
  • Total Nigeria;
  • Saoudi ARAMCO.

A handy Strike-Slip diagram can be download as a pdf file here.