30 Years of experience in research and operations in E&P, world wide, are available to you now on a project basis.

NewTec has a proven track record:

In 2003 a New-Tec geomechanical model resulted in discovoring some 500 Million bbls of oil for a client.

In 2007 a New-Tec geomechanical model resulted in a major oil discovery in a fractured granite basement.

The geomechanical fault seal prediction method of NewTec has proven itself in a wide variety of field cases as a very reliable method.

  • Seismic interpretation of complex and unusual structures
  • Analysis of structural geometries and kinematics on large regional scale and on reservoir scale
  • Geomechanical analysis and advice
  • Fractured reservoir analysis and development advice
  • Fault and top seal analysis
  • Trap integrity
  • Technical audits of field development planning, geological projects and operations.
  • Analogue modelling of tectonic structures
  • Integration of natural data and analogue modeling with numerical models
  • Geological field studies
NewTec Services clients incude
  • Shell Research
    production technology support
  • Salyan Oil (Azerbayan)
    geological advice, production
  • Amerada Hess (SonaHess, GEA Algeria)
    field development advice
  • Eni Italy (Agip), Task Force Majella
    analogue tectonic modeling as part of a multidisciplinary integrated task force.
  • Dutch Ministery of Economic affairs
    technical commission on environmental effect reporting.
  • Shell Europe Exploration
    geological advice, exploration
  • Shirvan Oil
    geological advice, production and exploration
  • Gaz de France
    geological advice, production and exploration
  • Dove Energy
  • TAQA Energy Nederland
    Geomechanical advice on a wide range of topics, including explaining complex geomechanical issues to judges in high level court cases (Raad van State).
  • PetroGas Nederland
    Geomechanical advice for a fractured reservoir and for fault sealing
  • DONG Energy Denmark
    Geomechanical advice for a wide range of issues such as, regional and local stress analysis, hydraulic fracturing, sand control, wellbore stability fracture prediction and fault sealing.