NewTec, short for Nieuwland Tectonics, is a company specialized in structural geology and applied geo-mechanics in the business of exploration and development of hydrocarbons.

Alliances with geological and geophysical service companies and with the Dutch geological service (TNO/NITG) allows a broad range of services and modeling capabilities.

Cutting edge technology and expertise can be offered on a project by project cost-cutting basis.

NewTec offers professional services in the following fields:
  • Seismic interpretation of complex and unusual structures.
  • Geo-mechanical analysis and advice (exploration and development well planning; hydraulic fracturing and borehole stability)
  • Fractured reservoir analysis and development advice.
  • Fault and top seal analysis.
  • Technical audits of field development planning, geological projects and operations.
  • Geological field studies, including static geological reservoir modeling and dynamic (fluid flow) modeling.
For more information, we would like to refer you to our NewTec Powerpoint Presentation.
You can download our NewTec Brochure here.